Grönholm RX präsentiert Fahrer und Auto für die WRX-Saison 2018!

Bild: GRX Taneco

Marcus Grönholm hat heute im finnischen Inkoo sein WRX-Team für die neue Saison vorgestellt. Das Team mit dem offiziellen namen „GRX Taneco“ wird mit den Fahrern Timur Timerzyanov und Niclas Grönholm an den Start gehen.

Für die WRX-Saison 2018 tat sich Grönholms Firma Grönholm RX mit dem russischen Ölunternehmen Taneco zusammen, die auch als Namensgeber fungieren. Ziel ist es, die komplette Rallycross-WM zu fahren.

Bild: GRX Taneco
Bild: GRX Taneco

Timerzyanov und Grönholm junior werden zwei Hyundai i20 Supercars pilotieren, die auf Hyundai Motorsports 2016er i20-WRC-Plattform basieren. Das Auto wurde von GRX und den finnischen Rallycross-Experten von SET Promotion für den RX-Einsatz optimiert.

Der Zeitplan ist eng: Der Hyundai i20 RX wird erst „in den nächsten Wochen“ einem Pre-Season-Testprogramm unterzogen. Die WRX-Saison beginnt mit dem World RX of Catalunya in Barcelona vom 14. bis 15. April 2018.

Der 31-jährige Timerzyanov gewann 2012 und 2013 die Rallycross-EM. Der Russe fuhr im letzten Jahr für STARD in der WRX. Der 21-jährige Niclas Grönholm feierte sein WRX-Supercar-Debüt 2015.

Bild: GRX Taneco
Bild: GRX Taneco

Marcus Grönholm will zwar die Werksteams herausfordern, betont aber, dass es sich bei seinem Engagement um einen Privat-Einsatz ohne Werksunterstützung handelt. Die Chassis sind „alles, was es von unserer Seite aus gibt“, sagte Hyundais Motorsportchef Michel Nandan bereits im Januar. Ein Werksengagement sei laut Nandan nicht geplant.

Die Orginalzitate der Pressemeldung:

GRX TANECO Team Principal: Marcus Grönholm (FIN)

“We have chosen to use the Hyundai i20 for this programme because of my previous connections with Michel Nandan [Hyundai WRC Team Principal]. We have a good relationship but this is a private project. We don’t have any manufacturer backing like some of the other teams in World Rallycross but we have a lot of information from when we bought the cars from Hyundai. So far the car looks very good. I was dreaming to be on the track by now but in the next two weeks we will start testing and I’m confident. We have some new solutions which haven’t been seen before and I’m excited to get to the track. We know Timur can get the results and Niclas has been working hard this winter. He showed some good pace last year and I’m hopeful that they can both do good things this year. I will be surprised if we can’t be fighting with the big boys at least sometimes. The first target is semi-finals, then the final and podium. I think that’s fully possible.”

GRX TANECO Hyundai i20 #7: Timur Timerzyanov (RUS):

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, maybe since the end of 2014 actually and I’m really excited. This is a big step for the future, on the technical side with the car and the whole team. I’m really happy that long-term partner TANECO will be title-sponsor for the team and I can’t wait to start testing. I’m really happy to have Niclas as my team mate, he has shown his potential already last year and it’s a good feeling to work with Marcus too, he really understands me as a driver. He has the same targets as me for this season, to get good results and he knows the best way to achieve that. I’m also really pleased to be back with Jussi after I worked with him in the past. We need to be consistent all the time this year I see no problems with racing among the top drivers. I want to also thank my other loyal sponsor Viatti, they have been with me for a long time and I’m excited to continue my relationship with them in this programme.”

GRX TANECO Hyundai i20 #68: Niclas Grönholm (FIN):

“Everything looks good on paper for the new car and what the guys in the workshop have been telling me is exciting. I have no doubt that it will be competitive. In many races last year I had good pace but the starts were the problem. We have been working on that problem over the winter in terms of how I sit in the car and the angles of the pedals. I’ve done quite a lot of driving over the winter to try to train my weaknesses, rotating the car in the tight corners and things to try and build on that. Having a competitive team mate is the biggest thing for me this year. Timur is very experienced and it will be very good for me have someone good to compare data with, to help each other. I have no doubt that it will work well and I’m very positive.”

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